UPR (University Portfolio Report) and IPE (Institutional Performance Evaluation)

QEC at MUL, Lahore Campus prepares Institutional Portfolio Report according to the performance evaluation standards set by HEC. This report is made part of University Portfolio Report (UPR) of MUL.

In this report, information is provided on eleven standards outlined by HEC. These standards outline major areas to be focused on by the University for evaluation of their effectiveness and future development. These standards are given below:

  • Standard 1: Mission Statement and Goals
  • Standard 2: Planning and Evaluation
  • Standard 3: Organization and Governance
  • Standard 4: Integrity
  • Standard 5: Faculty
  • Standard 6: Students
  • Standard 7: Institutional Resources
  • Standard 8: Academic Programs and Curricula
  • Standard 9: Public Disclosure & Transparency
  • Standard 10: Assessment & Quality Assurance
  • Standard 11: Student Support Services