The Self-Assessment Report (SAR) is the first step of a program review. It is the critical self-analysis of a program or entity based on documented evidence and completed by the program or entity itself prior to the external peer review. Prior to this, a curriculum review exercise is usually conducted, a report of which will be included in the SAR.

How does it work?

QEC conducts self-assessment training for SAR participants appointed by the Dean. The individuals who undergo the SAR training then carry out the SAR exercise for program(s) in their entity. The completed SAR is independently reviewed by QEC for its ‘completeness’ and signed-off for the next level, which is the peer/external review process.

The following table shows all MUL entities/programs that have gone through self-assessment training and have completed or are undergoing the SAR exercise:

  • Cycle - 1

  • Cycle - 2