About Us

Quality Enhancement Cell is responsible to promote higher standards of education and research in the University and develop quality assurance processes and evaluation methods.


As an institution of higher education, situated in cultural heart of the country, Minhaj University Lahore (MUL) has proved its commitment and unwavering ambition towards ceaseless growth in academic and research quality. MUL is reshaping its infrastructure and reconfiguring its organizational structure to exceed national and to compete with the international standards of delivering tertiary education while keeping research at the core. Minhaj University among few other major universities of the country, is pro-active in providing state of the art facilities to its students through its custom-made buildings with modern laboratories, vast and state of the art robotic library and updated computing facilities, so they can be the ones leading national industry by having firsthand experience with latest research technologies and teaching strategies. This incredible progress has been achieved through visionary leadership coupled with the dedication of all the persons associated with the cause. From beginning quality education and research has been the focal point of MUL which resulted in inducting several prominent learned persons who are known for their contribution in the field of higher education. A formal system of quality enhancement of the academic programs is in place at the institute. Detailed guidelines are built, and are being evolved, to enhance the quality of education and these lines are strictly followed while developing and organizing degree programs around these lines and deliver quality education. MUL believes, if properly defined, consciously woven around these points, developing an academic program can save time, energy and resources and produce far-reaching results than otherwise.



To build a unique culture that covers all spectrum of knowledge, skills, abilities, with an integrated quality infrastructure and echo system, leading towards innovative and technological future society.


To become lexicon in all spheres of quality education by harnessing core values and leadership skills in learns so that they can best demonstrate their transcendent abilities in transforming learning into leading civilization.


  • Policy Making
    To formulate policy and develop practical guidelines of quality enhancement related to the higher degree programs running at Minhaj University Lahore.
  • Quality Promotion:
    To develop a program of activities to institutionalize the quality culture in higher education at Minhaj University Lahore, Main Campus and to commitment to continuous quality improvement.
  • Capacity Development:
    To develop and implement initiatives to build and strengthen the capacity for provision of high quality education in learning programs at institutional and individual levels.
  • Continuous Improvement:
    To monitor and regulate the quality and implementation of all desired measures and policies to improve the standard of higher education in Minhaj University Lahore.
  • Faculty Assessment:
    To measure the expected outcomes/ performance of individual faculty member through internationally evaluated and standard tested procedures after having provided the requisite teaching, research infrastructure and facilities.
  • Departmental Reviews:
    To measure the performance of each Academic Department/ Institute/ Center through annual reviews based on the standard parameters set for this purpose.